The Monkees!

Yes, in addition to my many many other interests, I'm wild about The Monkees. Back in the 80's, we took a journey into "Monkeeheaddom" for the twentieth anniversary, and again (to a somewhat lesser degree) in 1996 for the thirtieth anniversary tour. Currently, I'm still a big fan. I enjoyed the recent VH-movie, "Daydream Believers," although it was a little on the "rose glasses" side when it came to some issues, and I have complaints about points of accuracy--in some places it was perfect down to the set dressing, in others they completely changed the costumes/background, etc. One or the other would have been preferable. Some explanation for why Bert Schnieder and Bob Rafelson were merged into one person named "Van" would be nice, too--although I guess that may have been answered on a list somewhere; it's impossible to keep up with everything!

This was probably the best thing to ever happen to me, Monkees-wise. I sent Michael a letter, on or around his birthday, letting him know what his music had done for me. This was the response I got:
The text reads: "Dear Kathy: Michael asked me to respond on his behalf to thank you for your beautiful letter. The best gifts come from the heart, and your letter was very special. It is heartwarming to hear that Michael's music has touched someone's life. You have a beautiful way with words, and your letter touched us all. It was a delight hearing from you. I've enclosed an autographed picture of Michael. Best wishes to you, Kathy. Kind Regards, Laurel Bleadon Assistant to Michael Nesmith."

Surf over to The Monkees Home Site for more up-to-date information.
Pictures from the 1989 Hollywood Walk of Fame Monkees Star Celebration:

Micky blowing kisses to the crowd . . .

Here comes Mike, to shake hands with the crowd . . .

And this is a little after he'd shaken hands with me,and I recovered enough to start snapping pictures again.
These are shots from the outside of KOOL-FM, in Phoenix, after Peter and Davy had been on-air interviewing. KOOL is no longer in this building (it's a bank, now):

And this is Peter just before he =smiled= at me and I almost dropped the camera in shock.
This is a blurry shot of the Monkees at the Celebrity Theatre, 1989.

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